Social Watch Report 2014

DENIVA is the focal point for the Social Watch Report Uganda. Every year the Social Watch national coalitions report on their countries’ progress or regression towards the internationally agreed goals.

Social Watch is an international network of citizens’ organizations in the struggle to eradicate poverty and the causes of poverty, to end all forms of discrimination and racism, to ensure an equitable distribution of wealth and the realization of human rights. Social Watch holds governments, the UN system and international organizations accountable for the fulfilment of national, regional and international commitments to eradicate poverty. Today the Social Watch network has active coalitions of over 1,000 organizations in 80 countries.

Read more about Social Watch on their website

Journal: Aid cuts hinder road projects in Nakapiripit

In partnership with DENIVA, the Daily Monitor published a journal on the development partners’ decision to suspend aid to Uganda due to corruption-related cases in the Office of the Prime Minister back in 2012. The journal sheds light on the severe consequences, which affected Nakapiripirit District’s plans to maintain old roads and construct new ones.

Implications of Sugarcane Growing and Food Security in Kamuli District

Kamuli district originally known as Bugabula district was curved out of Busoga district in 1974. This was later named North Busoga district in 1975, and then the present day Kamuli district.

agricultureinKamuli 1

The district lies at an average altitude of 1,083 m above sea level and extends from 00 – 56’ North / 330 – 05’ East up to 010 – 20’ North / 330 – 15’ East. Kamuli District is bordered by River Nile and Kayunga District in the west, Jinja district in the South, Iganga district in the Southeast, Kaliro District in the East, and Lake Kyoga in the north.


Neighborhood Assemblies

In this manual we hope to give the understanding of Neighborhood Assemblies as important community actions for promoting citizen’s knowledge and participation in community leadership and development. This manual explains citizen participation as one of the important things for knowledge building and for good leadership to grow.

Neighborhood Assemblies 

Neighborhood Assemblies

The manual also presents participation of citizens as something that has good benefits for community development and leadership. It is hoped that this manual will guide facilitators on exactly how the above can be achieved through Neighborhood Assemblies.

Read more: Neighborhood Assemblies


Governance and Human Rights

Governance and Human Rights

The Governance and Human Rights Program aims at strengthening and nurturing partnerships and communities to advocate for a democracy that serves all citizens in Uganda. The program works for social, economic and political accountability of local and...

Sustainable Livelihoods

Sustainable Livelihoods

The Sustainable Livelihoods Program aims at supporting MOs with skills and knowledge in order to advocate pro-poor and gender sensitive policies through programmes in agriculture, trade, climate change and improved service delivery. The objectives a...

Civil Society Organisation Strengthening

Civil Society Organisation Strengthening

DENIVA has a long term experience in providing capacity building services to CSOs as one of its key mandates. Organizational development interventions ranges from research, proposal development, presentation and facilitation skills; negotiation and n...

Latest Network News

In partnership with GSCSOA to Transform Accountabi...

In partnership with GSCSOA to Transform Accountability and Enhance Impact

Second Right, standing - DENIVA ED at a recent GSCSOA International Conference. CSOs play a critical role in creating just societies and a healthy planet. We work with multiple stakeholders, particularly affected peoples and partners. To be successf...

QuAM Certification improved funding opportunities...

QuAM Certification improved funding opportunities for Kiboga NGO Forum

Vincent Kasiita, Chairperson of Kiboga District NGO Forum (on the left) and Robert Misigi, M&E Officer at Kiboga District NGO Forum (on the right). In front of the head office in Kigoba holding their QuAM Certificate   QuAM Written by Sofie...

DENIVA gets new Executive Director

DENIVA gets new Executive Director

DENIVA is in the process of restructuring and streamlining internal management at the Secretariat. At the end of August 2016, the former Executive Director, Mr. Justus Rugambwa resigned. After a competitive recruitment process for the position of Exe...

Demonstration on MPs tax exception

Demonstration on MPs tax exception

DENIVA members, board members and the Executive Director in front of the DENIVA secretariat in Kampala 25th April 2016, DENIVA and its members undertook a demonstration on MPs committing to avoid taxes on their huge allowances. Around 250 worri...

Kayihura, Onek must resign, activists say

Kayihura, Onek must resign, activists say

Following several cases of police brutality on civilians, activists have asked the Inspector General of Police, the Minister for Internal Affairs and his deputy to resign as the only way to restore public confidence in the police force. Testimonies o...

DENIVA takes lead in adapting to climate change in...

DENIVA takes lead in adapting to climate change in Uganda

DENIVA has taken the lead in encouraging communities to adapt to climate change in Uganda as the country increasingly demonstrates its vulnerability to adverse impacts of human-induced climate change. DENIVA programme officer Susan Nanduddu (right) a...

A Local farmer makes a significant contribution to...

A Local farmer makes a significant contribution to the 2016 elections

It was first when DGF’s partner DENIVA and their member organisation Literacy Action and Development Agency (LADA) came to his community and conducted Voter Education that he realized the importance of voting: Esau Rwamttooma, 35 years old, wen...

DENIVA joins ICT drive for rural communities

DENIVA joins ICT drive for rural communities

DENIVA has joined the ICT empowerment drive to help less-resourceful organisations create a more efficient working environment in their work. The ICT empowerment programme donates computers and builds capacity for organisations. Sharing information a...

Policy Makers, Farmers, Academia and Civil Society...

Policy Makers, Farmers, Academia and Civil Society Meet as Climate Change Impacts Intensify in Uganda

December 12, 2016, The Development Network of Indigenous Voluntary Associations (DENIVA) in partnership with U.S. Agency for International Development organized a public dialogue on the Uganda National Climate Change Policy that brought together over...

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