1. To create a platform where all DENIVA member organizations exchange ideas and information about the development of Uganda.
  2. To encourage indigenous voluntary associations to contribute towards the highest levels of social and economic development services within the framework of the national policies.
  3. To plan, coordinate training and provide technical assistance at national level as well as sharing experiences and local expertise with international civil society.
  4. To facilitate communication and co-operation between indigenous voluntary associations, Government, and development partners on issues of social-economic development in Uganda.
  5. To encourage mutual networking among indigenous voluntary associations and enhance a participatory approach to development in relation to the actual needs of the ordinary Ugandan citizens.
  6. To promote and encourage research and documentation among member NGOs in areas of policy and development.
  7. To compile and maintain a comprehensive directory of all NGOs in Uganda and collect information and statistical data about programmes with a wider view of dissemination.
  8. To liaise with Government on the needs and concerns of the indigenous voluntary associations.
  9. To perform such other duties as may be required by the indigenous voluntary associations that are found within the scope of the Supreme Constitution and within the Network’s Articles of Association.