Membership Requirements

Membership Eligibility Criteria

Full Membership

An aspiring member organisation:

  • Must fill application forms and be certified
  • Must be indigenous and have operations in Uganda although not restricted to Uganda
  • Must be voluntary and development-oriented in nature
  • Must adhere to and sign the Network’s code of conduct
  • Must show willingness to share information about itself and send progress reports to the Secretariat annually.
  • Must have been in existence and operational for at least 2 years
  • Must be registered with the NGO registration Board or District Authorities and must attach a copy of their constitution, Work plan and registration form to their application form.
  • Must have a recommendation from LCI of the area in which the organisation is operating
  • Should indicate its location of operation and must be visited to verify its existence and suitability
  • Above all must pay annual membership fee in the first month of the year at a fee fixed by the General Assembly.

Fees to be Paid:

  1. A non refundable registration fee for applicants of 100,000 shillings

(100,000/=) to be paid on submission of Membership application form with


  1. Membership fees of 100,000 Uganda shillings to be paid upon

confirmation/approval of membership to DENIVA.

  1. An annual subscription fees are as follows:

Category Fees per annum

  1. CBOs and Honorary Membership 60,000/=
  2. CSOs at district level 100,000/=
  3. District Networks/ Forum 150,000/=11
  4. Regional CSOs 200,000/=
  5. National CSOs and Associate membership 250,000/=

Associate Membership

  • For Associate Membership eligibility, the same criterion is applicable.
  • Associate membership shall be open to all International Organisations and
  • Professional Associations, which have shown interest in operating in Uganda
  • Registration fees for Associate members is One hundred thousand shillings (100,000/=).