DENIVA and its members undertake demonstration on MPs avoidance of taxes on their huge allowances

Yesterday, the 25th April, DENIVA and its members undertook a demonstration on MPs committing to avoid taxes on their huge allowances.
The message was loud and clear: ALL LEADERS MUST BE EXEMPLARY TAX PAYERS – For better health, education and water services.
The police denied DENIVA permission to conduct a peaceful demonstration around the area of Makerere University. Although DENIVA had informed the police days before the demonstration, the police argued that the demonstration was not notified three days in advance. Hence, the demonstration took place within the walls of DENIVA’s secretariat.
However, the police blocking did not prevent the participants from raising their voices and concerns about the Tax Income Act. People were angry and frustrated while jumping and shouting the quotes written on their banners:
•MPs allowances should be taxed – we are all equal
•MPs must pay taxes too – it’s a civic duty
•Why do you MPs not want to pay taxes, when us who get salaries from 250.000 pay taxes?
The demonstration linked up with the on-going initiative aimed at raising 5 million signatures against the tax exemption led by CSBAG civil society.
DENIVA would like to thank Trocaire for supporting the event.

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