DENIVA/QuAM Workshop in Jinja District

The NGO Quality Assurance Mechanism (QuAM) is a self assessment initiative developed by NGOs and for NGOs. It aims to enhance the credibility and effectiveness of NGOs and contribute to the overall improvement in the public legitimacy of the sector. Beyond the NGO sector QuAM aims at promoting good governance and improving service delivery in the country. The NGO sector strongly believes their adaptation to QuAM will undoubtedly set a precedent of credibility within the NGO sector.

For 6 days (20th-25th), QuAM secretariat will be in Jinja District to sensitize NGOs about the value for QuAM. There will be electing of regional QuAM host organizations.

Guest of Honor, Chief Administrative Officer, Jinja district giving sense of QuAM


The Ag. National Coordinator, Mr. Fredrick Olinga orienting participants about the QuAM Workshop
The Executive Director DENIVA, Ms. Sophie Kange sensitizing NGOs (participants) and creating awareness  about QuAM


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