Dialogue on Corporate Governance and Compliance

CSOs in Uganda provide vehicles or space for people to participate in development and social change in ways that would not be possible through conventional government programs. However, as they engage in this development process, they are expected to comply to set guidelines or frameworks set by different regulators for example; Uganda Registration Services Bureau, NGO Bureau, Finance Intelligence Authority, Uganda Revenue Authority, National Social Security Fund to mention but a few. Having a greater understanding of the risks your organisation faces allows for the implementation of preventative and protective solutions that not only target the risk causes but lead to a more efficient and operational posture; and if governed correctly, a system that can be continuously audited and measured against.

It’s against this background that a dialogue on the theme; Cooperate Governance and compliance; a critical reflection on self-regulation is scheduled for Monday 26th September 2022. The chief discussion will be Mr. Peter Magela  Gwayaka, a seasoned Lawyer and Human rights Activists.

The two-hour dialogue will be virtual on Google Meet and below please see the link for registration.

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