URSB Notice on beneficial ownership

Dear Members
Greetings from DENIVA secretariat
As you might be aware, recently the government changed the Companies Act to require all companies to register Beneficial Owners with the registrar of Companies and to have a register of beneficial owners.
Most NGOs in Uganda are incorporated as Company Ltd by Guarantee and as a result are affected by this law.
The Registrar of Companies has gone ahead to issue a notice giving all companies in Uganda (including NGOs) to file their beneficial ownership information within 30 days (from yesterday 11th January 2023). I have attached the notice here for your information.
This is to request DENIVA members to file this information. DENIVA will be providing technical support to all members who may wish to file the information and develop the registers.
In case you need support or more guidance in relation to beneficial ownership information, please send a request to me, on pmagelah@gmail.com, or Fredrick on fkolinga@gmail.com

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